AVAX has put into practice its Corporate Code of Business Conduct & Ethics which reflects on its corporate culture and applies to all employees, outlining the working relation between the Company and its personnel according to its operating, financial and technical needs as well as pertinent labour legislation.

The Corporate Code of Business Conduct & Ethics helps avoid issues of responsibility overlap or void, thereby contributing to overall productivity and alleviating any rigidities inherent to large business entities.

Regarding the Anti-Bribery Management System, developed by AVAX SA, you can contact the Company’s Compliance Department by email: to express your questions about the implementation of the Company’s System and Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. At the same e-mail, you can submit reports / complaints for possible or actual violations of the System and the Code that comes to your attention. Your communication with the Compliance Department could be named or not. But you should not worry about the disclosure of your identity, as every complaint / information is treated with confidentiality, while AVAX SA prohibits any act of retaliation against you.