AVAX extends its energy activities through Volterra S.A., a 100% member of AVAX group and. Volterra has been active in the field of energy production, trade and supply in the markets of Greece and Southeastern Europe, since 2010.

In the energy production field, the company owns a portfolio of licensed projects (totaling appr. 340MW power), in operation, under construction and in various development stages throughout the country. All projects regard the development of power production units from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) mainly wind and solar.

In the field of trade, the company participates in cross-border trade (Imports-Exports) handling large amounts of energy through the Energy Markets of neighboring countries (Italy, Bulgaria, etc.). Recently, through newly established cooperation with various companies, the amount of energy traded keeps increasing.

Finally, in energy supply field, Volterra owns a supply licence for up to 300 MW enabling it to provide electricity to all the categories of customers, from low-voltage households and shops to medium-voltage businesses and industries. Also, in 2018, along with the liberalisation of the natural gas market, the company starts to include in its business activities, gas supply, covering the needs of all existing and future customers.

Volterra’s shareholder is AVAX S.A, an International Construction Group, boasting an impressive portfolio of energy projects, concession projects and operation projects in Greece and abroad.