AVAX DEVELOPMENT S.A. was founded in 1990 and belongs to the AVAX Group. It is a Real Estate development and investment company, operating in Greece and South-Central Europe with the goal to develop high-spec projects and create unearned increments in developing markets. It’s projects focus primarily on residential development-urban and country/holiday homes-while also invest in selected commercial Real Estate.

AVAX DEVELOPMENT applies its technical expertise to non-proprietary works, offering managerial and development services to selected Real Estate projects.
It’s extensive experience and exploratory nature allows it to seek and evaluate the investment potential in real estate in new markets with the goal to turn them into highly-developed, profitable projects.

For the successful performance of its activities, it employs professionals who are highly qualified in the technical, commercial and financial sectors.
The prestige derived from being a member of one of Greece’s largest construction groups.

AVAX DEVELOPMENT follows a continuously upward route investing in quality and innovation which, in turn, guarantee it’s clients’ complete satisfaction.