The Group prioritizes the well-being of its people and partners and provides a safe and healthy working environment that fosters growth and education. Through the voluntary benefits it provides to all employees, it seeks to contribute to their well-being and prosperity.

In addition, through its involvement in major road, airport, and port construction projects, it contributes to the development of the tourism sector and the local region economic development, and through the infrastructure projects it undertakes it is involved in the transition to more sustainable cities. Finally, it cares for the local communities in which it operates and participates in social actions and initiatives for vulnerable social groups.

Where possible, the Group seeks to hire employees from local communities and support the local suppliers, fostering economic development and the overall well-being of the local communities it operates in.

It also practically supports vulnerable social groups and provides sponsorships and donations both to organizations and to various actions of local communities, covering an important framework of needs.