13 June 2024

Election of new Board of Directors of AVAX SA

AVAX SA announces that following the election for a three-year term ending 11.06.2027 of a new Board of Directors by the Annual General Meeting of its shareholders held on 12.06.2024, the new Board convened on 12.06.2024 and appointed its members as follows:

1. Christos Joannou, Chairman
2. Konstantine Kouvaras, Deputy Chairman
3. Aikaterini Pistioli, Vice Chairman [non executive]
4. Konstantine Mitzalis, Managing Director
5. Konstantine Lysarides, Director
6. Anthony Mitzalis, Director
7. Athena Eliades, Director
8. Christos Siatis, Director [non executive, independent]
9. Michael Hatzipavlou, Director [non executive, independent]
10. Theodora Monohartzi, Director [non executive, independent]
11. Paul Canellopoulos, Director [non executive, independent]

The new Board of Directors was elected for a three-year term to 11.06.2027, which may be extended until the deadline for holding the next Annual General Meeting of shareholders and taking a decision for electing the next Board. Independent non-executive members were appointed in accordance with the independence terms outlined in article 9 of Law 4706/2020.

Brief CVs of the members of the Board of Directors are available at the Company website www.avax.gr

Marousi, 13.06.2024
The Board of Directors