14 June 2024

Election of new Audit Committee of AVAX SA

AVAX SA announces that, following a decision by the Annual General Meeting of its shareholders held on 12.06.2024 regarding the election of a new Audit Committee, the new Board of Directors convened on 12.06.2024 and appointed the members of the Audit Committee as follows:

1. Christos Siatis, Chairman [Independent, Non Executive Board Member]
2. Aikaterini Pistioli, Member [Non Executive Board Member]
3. Paul Canellopoulos, Member [Independent, Non Executive Board Member]

It should be noted that the members of the Audit Committee have sufficient collective knowledge on the Company’s business activity. Moreover, at least one member, namely Mr Christos Siatis, has long experience in auditing and accounting and is required to attend all Committee sessions concerning the approval of financial accounts.

Therefore, the Audit Committee is deemed capable of performing the duties set in paragraph 3, article 44 of Law 4449/2017.

The new Audit Committee was elected for a three-year term to 11.06.2027, which may be extended until the deadline for holding the next Annual General Meeting of shareholders and taking a decision for electing the next Audit Committee.

The CVs of the members of the Audit Committee are available at the Company website www.avax.gr

Marousi, 14.06.2024
The Board of Directors