AVAX Group is the Exclusive Sponsor of the Anniversary Edition “Athens 200 Years -200 Buildings”
15 April 2021

AVAX Group is the Exclusive Sponsor of the Anniversary Edition “Athens 200 Years -200 Buildings”

Athens, April 7, 2021: On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Hellenic Revolution, AVAX Group sponsored exclusively the production of an architectural album titled “Athens 200 years 200 buildings”.
The publication that was edited by the architect Mr. Manolis Anastasakis and will be available in Greek and English editions, aims to highlight the building assets of the capital of the modern Greek state. In its 330 pages, the reader can find 200 buildings of special architectural style that were built in Athens between 1821 and 2021.
The presentation of each building extends in one page and includes photos, basic information, as well as a brief description. The buildings have been organized in five chronological periods to help the reader, place each building in the respective historical timeframe.
The presentation begins with the period of the first Athenian Classicism and continues with the periods of late Classicism and the interwar period, when the modern movement in architecture begins to prevail. Two post-war periods follow, with the latter lasting until today.
The album begins with an introduction by Manolis Anastasakis and continues by giving the floor to eight prominent professors and researchers, namely:
• Giannis Aesopos (Professor and President of the Department of Architecture of the University of Patras),
• Stelios Giamarelos (Lecturer Bartlett School of Architecture, Executive Editor of The Journal of Architecture)
• Maria Daniel (Dr. Architect NTUA),
• Marilena Kassimati (Art Historian),
• François Loyer (Art History and Architecture, Honorary Director of CNRS Research),
• Manos Biris (Emeritus Professor of the School of Architecture of NTUA),
• Costas Tsiabaos (Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, NTUA) and
• Eleni Fessa-Emmanuel (Historian of Architecture and Emeritus Professor of the University of Athens).
The album will be available at the end of April, at www.gradreview.gr