19 June 2013

Award of LNG facilities contract by Greece’s DESFA

J&P-AVAX SA announces that it signed with DESFA (Greece’s gas transmission system operator) a contract worth €98 million for the construction of a 3rd LNG storage tank on the isle of Revithousa near Athens, Greece.

The storage tank to be constructed will have a capacity of 95,000 m3, adding to the two existing storage tanks with a combined capacity of 130,000 m3, and will be connected to the existing LNG unloading and gasification facilities.

The project is crucial to Greece’s energy status, boosting its storage capacity and energy independence while also allowing for greater flexibility in the selection of suppliers, leading to lower purchase prices.

It should be noted that the J&P-AVAX group of subsidiary companies has successfully participated in the EPC works of all existing technical equipment, storage facilities and marine installations of the LNG terminal on Revithousa.

The project has a 34 month deadline.

Marousi, June 19, 2013