15 March 2019

Appointment of new Board of Directors

J&P-ΑVAX announces that its Board of Directors convened on 13.03.2019 and decided that, following the recent resignation of its non-executive member Mr George Demetriou, the remaining Directors should be re-appointed for the term ending 30.06.2021 with a new allocation of responsibilities, as follows:

  1. Christos Joannou, Chairman (executive)
  2. Konstantine Kouvaras, Deputy Chairman (executive)
  3. Konstantine Lysarides, Vice Chairman & Director (executive)
  4. Konstantine Mitzalis, Managing Director (executive)
  5. Athena Demetriou-Eliades, Director (executive)
  6. Aikaterini Pistioli, Director-Non Executive
  7. Leoni Paraskevaides Mavronikola, Director-Non Executive
  8. Alexios Sotirakopoulos, Director Non Executive- Independent
  9. Christos Siatis, Director Non Executive-Independent

The Board of Directors also decided at the same meeting to introduce a three-member Project Bidding Committee, in line with the provisions of its Corporate Charter, article 87 of Law 4558/2018 and best practice principles and corporate governance rules.

The new committee will work towards the effective operation of the Company’s institutional bodies and the application of all principles, technical and organizational measures and procedures adopted by the Company to comply with competition regulations.

The Board of Directors granted the Project Bidding Committee all powers of administration and representation of the Company in relation with tenders for public contracts, and overall with bidding for public and private works, as specified in the Board decision.

The Project Bidding Committee comprises the following Group officials:

  1. Konstantine Lysarides, Vice Chairman & Executive Director
  2. Athena Demetriou-Eliades, Executive Director, and
  3. Zoe Lysarides, Bidding Director

Marousi, March 15, 2019