Wastewater Treatment Plant and Disposal Works at municipality Dikaios – Kos Island

Contract Value:
EUR 7 million
Contract period:
2014 - 2017


The wastewater treatment plant and disposal works for the municipality on the island of Kos were constructed in the first phase (20 years) of the project, with the exception of the pre-treatment and decontamination facilities, which were constructed to meet the needs of the second phase (40 years).

The facility receives municipal sewage from the municipal sewer ne2rk as well as from the septic tanks, and achieves high levels of purification, combined with effective decontamination, drastically reducing the potential number of coliforms.

The final disposal of the treated wastewater is carried out at sea, through a 1,000m- long submarine diffuser at a depth of 20m.

Initial capacity of 6,042m³/day and final capacity of 8,503m³/day for 35,000 people.