11 December 2015

Appointment of Market Maker

J&P-AVAX SA (the “Company”) announces the Athens Stock Exchange’s Security Markets Commission on 07.12.2015 approved the appointment of Athens bourse member Eurobank Equities SA as market-maker on Company shares, to improve their liquidity, starting on 14.12.2015.

The Company has signed with Eurobank Equities SA a market making contract, pursuant to articles 1.3 and 2.4 of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation, the main terms of which are:

1. Eurobank Equities SA will enter market making orders (ie simultaneous bid and ask orders) for Company shares into the Athens Stock Exchange trading platform using its proprietary account, in accordance with pertinent legislation. The Company will pay Eurobank Equities S.A. an agreed fee towards this service.

2. The market making contract has a duration of one (1) year.

Marousi, December 11, 2015