13 June 2024

Dividend Payment for 2023

AVAX SA (the «Company») announces, in accordance with article 4.1.1 of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation, that the Annual General Meeting of Company shareholders on 12.06.2024 approved the distribution of a €0.03 dividend per share for 2023.

This gross dividend is subject to a 5% withholding tax, amounting to €0.0015 per share, hence the net dividend to be paid to shareholders will amount to €0.0285 per share.

Shareholders eligible for the 2023 dividend are those on “record date” Tuesday, July 30, 2024 at the Dematerialised Securities System (DSS), while the shares will start trading ex-dividend on Monday, July 29, 2024.

Payment to eligible shareholders will be made by the Athens Central Securities Depository (ATHEXCSD) on Friday 02.08.2024 as follows:
Through participant banks and stock brokers holding security accounts in the DSS, according to the ATHEXCSD Regulation and related decisions.

Payments of dividends to
a) heirs to deceased eligible shareholders, whose securities are held in Deceased Persons’ Special Accounts at the DSS, as per ATHEXCSD’s Section X, Part 2,
b) eligible shareholders whose securities are held by stock brokers under liquidation or in special transitory accounts, will be made :
i) through ATHEXCSD within one year from payment date (to lawfully appointed heirs), and
ii) through escrow account held at the Escrow Fund, beyond one year from payment date.

For more information please contact the Shareholders’ Service (A.Kiosklis +30 210 6375592 and E.Michailari +30 210 6375685).

13.06.2024 The Board of Directors