30 January 2014

Award of two large roadworks in Qatar

J&P-AVAX SA announces the contract for the project titled «Design and Construct New Orbital Highway and Truck Route (P023)- Contract 1: New Doha Port to Orbital Highway» was signed between the Public Works Authority of Qatar (ASHGHAL) and Consortium Joannou & Paraskevaides (Overseas) Ltd / J&P-AVAX SA in which J&P-ΑVAX SA participates with a 25% stake.

The project budget amounts to around €700 million or QAR 3,262 million.

The tender included two phases. The companies which prequalified in the first phase of the tender were the following: QDVC, CCC, SAMSUNG, ΤΕRNA, GALFAR, SIX CONSTRUCT, Consortium J&P (Overseas) Ltd / J&P-AVAX SA.

In the second phase of the tender, Consortium J&P (Overseas) Ltd / J&P-AVAX SA was declared the winner.

The project pertains to the complete design & construction of a new 45km-long highway section, with five traffic lanes in each direction, including four interchanges, 13 bridges on the main highway spanning 1,540 metres and nine access ramp bridges spanning 3,666 metres. It also includes the design and construction of underpasses, supporting walls, bicycle paths, pedestrian walkways, road traffic signs, irrigation works, landscaping, lighting, all related infrastructure, storm water and sewerage drains, water, power, telecoms and other communication networks, as well as protection of those networks, and protection of existing underground oil pipelines. The central isle of the highway will be designed to allow for future expansion of the highway by two traffic lanes, raising the width of the highway between 164 and 264 metres.

This contract is part of the broader «Orbital Highway» project which offers a new connection between the new port of Doha in the south and the industrial zone at Ras – Laffan in the north. The «Orbital Highway and Truck Route» will operate as a ring road facilitating traffic along the north-south axis of the city of Doha.

The project has a 36-month deadline.

The new contract adds to another contract recently signed between Consortium Joannou & Paraskevaides (Overseas) Ltd / J&P-AVAX SA and the Public Works Authority of Qatar (ASHGHAL), for the project titled «Construction of West Corridor P010 (PACKAGE 1)», budgeted at around €350 million or QAR 1,668 million. The participation of J&P-ΑVAX SA is 25%.

The West Corridor project pertains to the construction of a 10.5km motorway section which starts from the west of future road «Inner Orbital Road» at Interchange 32 leading to the west of proposed «Barwa City Access» road at Interchange 29A. The design provides for future construction of two more main traffic lanes in each direction. Construction works have already started.

Upon signing those two contracts, Consortium Joannou & Paraskevaides (Overseas) Ltd / J&P-AVAX SA has over €1,050 million work-in-hand in projects tendered by the Public Works Authority of Qatar (ASHGHAL) and has been prequalified by ASHGAL for the next phase of a project package comprising 30 new projects.

Marousi, January 30, 2014