Stelios Ioannou, Learning Resource Centre

Contract Value:
EUR 28 million
Contract Period:


The project includes an information centre, technical support for teaching and a language centre. The building, which was designed by the internationally acclaimed French architect Jean Ateliers Nouvel, is located to the northeast of the University of Cyprus campus, as an artificial hill similar in shape to the adjacent hills. Coloured membranes cover all sides and an impressive white dome juts out, crowning it. On top of the dome a 5m heliostat appears with a vertical rotation axis of integrated rotating blinds that direct natural light even to the lowest level of the building.
The building has a total surface area of approximately 15,700m² and rises five levels. The Learning Resource Center provides library services,900 study stations, and multimedia and group study areas. It houses 620,000books and 80,000 journals, millions of articles, over 400,000 electronic books, and over 10,000 audiovisual titles.